Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Snuggles Getting Started! Yay!

So far, two of our snuggles have been completed and donated to animal shelters.
"Paws and Claws" and "Kitty Cuddles"

We're still finishing up a four snuggles, and have recently started five more. Way to go, Oddball Snuggle Knitters!

Here's our list of knitters for the current Cotton Oddball Pet Snuggles:

Puppy Love - being finished by KnittinMitchie

Forever Friend - being finished by Secksiebrat

Pampered Pets - with Spikey right now, and will go to jjminarcik to be completed

Whiskers Wooby - on to the way to misha rf, then it will be finished by Mulderknitter

And here are our new snuggles, getting started right now:

His Majesty His Majesty Cast On
Shandeh - done

Sweet Princess Sweet Princess Cast On
Shandeh - done
misha rf

Her Highness (looks just like "Sweet Princess")
Shandeh - done

My Prince My Prince Cast On
Shandeh - done
(need 2 more knitters)

Furry Friends
(need 4 more knitters)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our Snuggles are Growing!

Wow! What a busy holiday we all had! I haven't posted here in FOREVER!

Here is our current list of snuggles, with some photos included:

Paws & Claws - COMPLETE!
Handknit by Shandeh, Mulderknitter, misha rf, kellyh57, and Spikey
Paws and Claws Complete 2

Kitty Cuddles - COMPLETE!
Handknit by Shandeh, Spikey, kellee0302, Mulderknitter, Secksiebrat, and lizardknits
Kitty Cuddles Complete

Puppy Love - Almost Done!
Handknit by Shandeh, jdee, gmmarton, mamapaulsel, sgtpam, and KnittinMitchie
Puppy Love after sgtpam

Forever Friend - Almost Done!
Handknit by Shandeh, scrappygolden, jjminarcik, Mulderknitter, jdee, and Secksiebrat
Forever Friend

Pampered Pets - Growing Nicely
Handknit by Mulderknitter, misha rf, kellyh57, jdee, Spikey, and jjminarcik
Pampered Pets after Misha

Whiskers Wooby - Getting a Good Start
Handknit by Spikey, Secksiebrat, gmmarton, misha rf, and Mulderknitter

Now, we are casting on several more snuggles, with a "Royalty" theme:

His Majesty
Shandeh, sgtpam, Secksiebrat, jdee, and Mulderknitter

Sweet Princess
Shandeh, jdee, Spikey, Mulderknitter, and misha rf

Her Highness
Shandeh, Spikey, jjminarcik, Mulderknitter, (need 1 more knitter)

My Prince
Shandeh, Mulderknitter, (need 3 more knitters)

And lizardknits is casting on another one for us. No name on that one yet, and we need 4 more knitters for it!