Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our Snuggles are Growing!

Wow! What a busy holiday we all had! I haven't posted here in FOREVER!

Here is our current list of snuggles, with some photos included:

Paws & Claws - COMPLETE!
Handknit by Shandeh, Mulderknitter, misha rf, kellyh57, and Spikey
Paws and Claws Complete 2

Kitty Cuddles - COMPLETE!
Handknit by Shandeh, Spikey, kellee0302, Mulderknitter, Secksiebrat, and lizardknits
Kitty Cuddles Complete

Puppy Love - Almost Done!
Handknit by Shandeh, jdee, gmmarton, mamapaulsel, sgtpam, and KnittinMitchie
Puppy Love after sgtpam

Forever Friend - Almost Done!
Handknit by Shandeh, scrappygolden, jjminarcik, Mulderknitter, jdee, and Secksiebrat
Forever Friend

Pampered Pets - Growing Nicely
Handknit by Mulderknitter, misha rf, kellyh57, jdee, Spikey, and jjminarcik
Pampered Pets after Misha

Whiskers Wooby - Getting a Good Start
Handknit by Spikey, Secksiebrat, gmmarton, misha rf, and Mulderknitter

Now, we are casting on several more snuggles, with a "Royalty" theme:

His Majesty
Shandeh, sgtpam, Secksiebrat, jdee, and Mulderknitter

Sweet Princess
Shandeh, jdee, Spikey, Mulderknitter, and misha rf

Her Highness
Shandeh, Spikey, jjminarcik, Mulderknitter, (need 1 more knitter)

My Prince
Shandeh, Mulderknitter, (need 3 more knitters)

And lizardknits is casting on another one for us. No name on that one yet, and we need 4 more knitters for it!

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