Sunday, October 12, 2008

Catnip Toys for Some of Our Pets!

I decided to make some catnip toys to send for the pets that belong to the next knitters for our pet snuggles. I'd never made catnip toys before, and didn't know WHERE to buy catnip. But, I figured it out, and was pleased with the way they all turned out:
Catnip Toys - Ready to Go

I might make some more of them to send along with our blankets when they are completed. I imagine that they will be appreciated by the cats at the animal shelter.

Here are some photos of the cats who received the ones I've made so far!
Mulder with Catnip Toy
That's Mulder, who always "drowns" mousy toys in the water bowl. Ha!

And here are some of jdee's cats enjoying their play with the toys:
jdee's cats with catnip toys

Spikey's cats all liked the toys as well. Here's her story:
"Our boys went nuts over the toys! Luke claimed the blue and white square one, immediately pouncing on it and rolling around like a wild man. My husband and I were laughing too hard to get a picture. He NEVER plays with toys, being an ex-feral kitty. But he absolutely loves this!Spike claimed the orange mouse, batting it and chasing it down the wood floor in our long bedroom hallway like a pro hockey player. Even poor, old, sick Mikey got in on the act, claiming the green and purple mouse for his very own, rubbing his face on it and carrying it around like wild prey he had caught. It brought a tear to my eye. Thanks. He is falling asleep on his pillow right now with it in the crook of his front leg."

It's so nice to see my little knitted gifts were appreciated! :D

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