Sunday, October 12, 2008

More Pet Stories!

Here are some more stories about the pets that belong to all the knitters participating in our knit-along.

KnittinMitchie has 3 dogs in her life. Two of her dogs live with her mother, but she visits them often. They are Chocolate Labs, named Cooper and Cocoa. KnittinMitchie says, "The labs are SPOILED to the core......Mom got Cocoa after I moved out and got Cooper last Thanksgiving after my brother graduated HS. So they're our replacements."
KnittinMitchie's Cooper and Cocoa

Her other dog is a Terrier Mix - 7 years old. "3 year old Michelle loves to play with him."
KnittinMitchie's Michelle and Pudgy

Another of our knitters, "misha rf" shares her pet story: "We recently got a dog, Maggie. We also have 8 cats (my husband is the crazy cat lady, not me--only 3 of them are mine). We really don't need any more cat toys. Most of the time, we end up taking them away from the dog! I suppose we should be happy that *someone* will play with them..."

And our last pet story comes from "sgtpam", who shares about her dog: "I named her Shebah (as in queen of…). I got her (or she got me) as soon as she was ready to leave her birth mom, December of 1999. Her mom is a full shitzu. The papa is an adorable full miniature silky terrier. When they brought them to work to put them up for adoption, I just fell in love with the runt of the litter. I had just bought my house and was ready to move in…so, she and I moved into my new house together.

She does not, however, love my new knitting obsession! My lap and attention have belonged to her for so long that she just doesn't think she should have to share it! As soon as I get settled in, that's when she decides it's time to play or cuddle. She's getting better about it long as she gets a treat first. She also insists on an appetizer before she'll eat dinner....yup, she's just a little spoiled. But, she's a great dog.

The first picture is one of the first I took of her as a puppy. The other is one is from when I spent Christmas in Tennessee a couple of years ago."
Shebah as Puppy

Shebah Older

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